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Credit Services, Inc

Saginaw, MI

804 S. Hamilton Suite 107
Phone: 989-596-0555
Toll Free: 800-852-0458
Fax: 989-773-7465

Monroe, MI

23 E. Front St. Suite 105
Phone: 734-241-4042
Toll Free: 800-599-1952
Fax: 734-241-1166




Our Service List  

CBC Credit Services, Inc in Monroe and Saginaw, MI offers the following services.

Third Party Collection   

We will contact your debtors through a combination of letters and telephone calls and work to convince them to pay.

Pre-Collection Service   

We can work with you to establish a program to help you collect some of those “borderline” accounts that just need a gentle nudge to pay.

Landlord credit reports services||||

Legal Collection   

We can help you collect your judgment with the help of our experienced staff and a local collection attorney.

Landlord Credit Reports   

We can help you keep your potential losses to a minimum by providing you with a credit report on potential renters.